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The Differences Between Trademark Infringement & Dilution

The importance of a trademark for a business cannot be overstated. That is why business owners keep a close eye on instances of trademark infringement and dilution.

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What Happens if a Trademark is Infringed?

Trademark infringement cases hinge, broadly speaking, on whether a similar but later trademark causes confusion among consumers or buyers and weakens the value of the original mark. If the case is won, the infringing entity will be prevented from using its mark and can be ordered to pay monetary damages.

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Trademarks vs. Patents vs. Copyrights

Inventions and designs are eligible for patent protection. Works of art in whatever form are protected by copyright, with or without official registration. Names, symbols, and images used for commerce can be trademarked.

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What Qualifies as a Trade Secret?

If you’re an innovator in your field, you know how important protecting your intellectual property is. No matter what line of work you’re in, you need to safeguard what makes your business unique.

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