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Every year, many individuals and businesses in the United States create original works of authorship, including movies, music, books, computer software, research, and architecture. Copyright is one of the intellectual property tools which can be used to protect your original works and ideas. If you want to understand how to protect your works through copyright, consulting with a knowledgeable Missouri Intellectual property law attorney is crucial.

At the Law Office of Julie Scott LLC, I'm committed to providing outstanding legal services and experienced guidance to clients in intellectual property-related matters, including copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks. I'm available to discuss your unique situation, enlighten you about the benefits of obtaining copyright, and how to protect your original works and creative ideas. Additionally, I can guide you through the process involved in your copyright registration.

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Safeguard Your Ideas

What Are Copyrights?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property provided by U.S. law that protects original works of authorship, including musical, artistic, dramatic, and literary works, as well as other forms of creative expression. It is an exclusive legal right given to an author that prevents any other person from copying their creative ideas and original works.

What Can Be Protected Using Copyright?

Copyright may be used to protect original works such as:

  • Poetry

  • Books

  • Songs

  • Novels

  • Paintings

  • Sculpture

  • Movies

  • Databases

  • Advertisements

  • Computer software and programs

  • Technical drawings

  • Architecture

An experienced attorney can determine whether your work is eligible for copyright and help you understand how to secure a copyright.

How Can I Secure a Copyright?

Securing a copyright doesn't necessarily require any publication, registration, or other action in the Copyright Office. Generally, once a work is created, a copyright is secured automatically. Registration with the Copyright Office, however, is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • To establish a public record of the copyright claim

  • To file an infringement suit in court

  • To establish prima facie evidence in court regarding the validity of the copyright

  • To seek to recover statutory damages and attorney's fees following a copyright infringement

  • To register with the U. S. Customs Service for protection against the importation of infringing copies

Allow a lawyer to help you explore your options to safeguard your creative ideas.

How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?

The duration of copyright protection depends on:

  • When the work was created, published, or registered

  • Whether the work was created by a person, two or more persons, as employee, or at the direction of another person or company

The following applies for works created on or after January 1, 1978:

  • By an individual – A copyright term of life of the author plus seventy years after the author's death.

  • A joint work – The copyright term lasts for 70 years after the last surviving author's death.

  • Works made for hire and anonymous or pseudonymous works – The copyright protection generally lasts for 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter.

For works created before 1978, the copyright duration rules are quite different—and can be quite complicated. Consulting with an experienced attorney is critical to understanding the benefits of obtaining a copyright and how long the copyright may last.

The Benefits Of Obtaining A Copyright

Here are some of the benefits of obtaining a copyright:

  • Registering your copyright establishes a public record—as well as legal evidence—of ownership

  • Obtaining your copyright allows the court to immediately order the infringer to stop their illegal actions

  • Registering your copyright allows you to enforce your legal rights by filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement

  • Obtaining your copyright makes you eligible for statutory damages, attorney fees, and costs of filing a copyright infringement lawsuit

  • Obtaining your copyright offers protection against the importation of infringing works. Thus, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will seize any imported item that violates U.S. intellectual property rights.

How A Copyright Lawyer Can Help You & Your Business

While filing a copyright application may seem straightforward, knowing how to file the application correctly requires a steady hand at the wheel. Moreover, if not done correctly, an erroneous registration may do your business more harm than good. It is important that you consult with an experienced intellectual property attorney to explore your possible legal options and guide you through the copyright application process.

At the Law Office of Julie Scott LLC, I have the experience and resources to guide clients through the complexities involved in copyright registration. As your legal counsel, I can enlighten you about how copyright works and guide you through every step involved in your copyright application from start to finish. I will help complete and submit your application forms, secure a copyright, and ultimately, seek to protect your original works and creative ideas for years to come.

Copyright Attorney Serving Kansas City, Missouri

If you need help with copyright registration, infringement, or litigation, contact my firm—the Law Office of Julie Scott LLC—today to schedule a simple consultation. I can offer you the detailed legal guidance and reliable advocacy you need. My firm proudly serves clients across Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, Rolla, and the rest of Missouri.