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Understanding Trademark Law in Kansas City, Missouri

If you have a business in the Kansas City, MO area, you need a trademark attorney. Customers identify a business, product or service through its distinctive branding, logo, design or slogan. That distinctive identity is associated with a business's reputation for quality, so protecting it through trademarks is essential to preserving your business image. Someone else's use of your trademark can cause customer confusion and lead to lost profits and a tarnished reputation.

Find out what you need to do to protect your brand under trademark law in Kansas City, MO and throughout the country.

Safeguard Your Brand

When to Talk to a Trademark Attorney

Protecting your distinctive identity is essential to preserving your business's image. Branding your products or services can help:

  • Separate You from Your Competition

  • Enhance the Value of Your Assets

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Improve Name Recognition

Trademark attorney Julie Scott helps clients protect their brands and artistic technical creations. She can search trademark databases to verify whether a potential mark is available, evaluate potential marks and enforce trademark licensing agreements. She can also prepare and file trademark applications.

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