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Don't Accept Intellectual Property Theft

Individuals and businesses that produce new ideas, inventions, and innovations rely on their intellectual property for future growth and success. When the safety of their intellectual property is threatened, it becomes a very serious situation. An experienced intellectual property attorney can help you take the appropriate steps to protect your ideas and creations.

For years, I have been serving the legal needs of clients in the Kansas City, Missouri area as they focus their creative efforts, identify ways to achieve value for their intellectual property, and develop strategies that will help them meet their goals. When your invention or innovation requires significant investment, it also requires protection.

As an experienced intellectual property attorney, I can assist with preparing, filing, and prosecuting cases involving patent and trademark law in a wide range of technical fields. From pharmaceuticals and medical devices to software and athletic equipment, I can help you plan a course for success with your intellectual property while taking important steps to defend your ownership.

If you or your business is in need of knowledgeable legal guidance from an experienced intellectual property attorney in the Kansas City, Missouri area, call my firm — the Law Office of Julie Scott LLC — to schedule a free consultation. I proudly serve clients in Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, and Rolla, Missouri.

Trust an Experienced Business Attorney

Whether you are starting a new business or leading an existing enterprise, your present success and future growth can be helped greatly by working with a skilled business law attorney to ensure all of your documents are in order and potential obstacles and pitfalls are avoided. I can help your company prepare and negotiate effective agreements.

If your business has experienced a violation of intellectual property rights, it is crucial that you consult with an attorney and take action to protect what is rightfully yours. I have an extensive understanding of intellectual property law and will guide you in the right direction to safeguard your intellectual property and protect your company.

I have experience helping clients in a variety of business matters including licenses, distribution & manufacturing contracts, nondisclosure agreements, website terms & conditions, and other documentation. Strong contracts are the backbone of any successful enterprise, and I can help you prepare sound agreements to protect your affairs.

The future opportunities of your business may rely on the effectiveness of your agreements and the direction you receive in legal matters. You don't have to navigate these matters alone. If you live in Springfield, Columbia, Rolla, or the Kansas City, Missouri area, call me at the Law Office of Julie Scott LLC today to schedule a free consultation.